Friday, June 7, 2013

Hula-hoop Hikers

We saw several of these hula-hoop signs around Yellowstone National Park.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Psalm 60:4

"You have given a banner to those who fear You,
That it may be displayed because of the truth.Selah"

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Summer Encampment

Me on the obstacle course

Florida Wing Summer Encampment at Camp Blanding in Starke, Florida with the Civil Air Patrol was challenging, but a lot of fun. 

I arrived at encampment on Sunday, July 29, 2012. I felt a little bit awkward and confused, but was thankful for the helpful staff members, who safely deposited our luggage into a CAP van (it had the back seats taken out for luggage), which quickly drove off. 

After a little wait, I and several other cadets soon climbed into another CAP van on my way to check-in. The ride over was understandably quiet.

I arrived in front of a small building used as a mess hall/classroom.  I saw some sergeants and officers standing around with some cadets by the door with their luggage beside them.

By the time I was out of the van (I was in a back row), sergeants and officers were seemingly everywhere, yelling and telling me to get my luggage out of the van, which did not have our luggage in it. My luggage was in the other van. 

My flight, Bravo.

For the next six days, I marched almost everywhere, attended various classes, did several night watches, participated in a leadership reaction course, and learned how to follow strict rules such as where to put my toothbrush, etc.

Encampment changed me.  I now have a better understanding of people and the world.  It was very eye opening. 

I am thankful for my parents, who “trained me up in the way I should go”, and my family and friends, who encouraged me in my faith.  I know that without these people showing me how to have faith in God and trust Him, encampment would have been very different.

Photos courtesy of CAP's Florida Wing (

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A summary of the last few months

"The horse is prepared for the day of battle, 
But deliverance is of the LORD."
Proverbs 21:32

A lot has happened in the last few months that I'd like to share.
First, a blessed year of 4-H horseback riding has ended.  I had a great time riding with my friends and spending time with Onyx (the beautiful paint mare from Eagle's Rest). She, with the help of others, helped teach me a lot about riding. The last day was actually the first horse show at Eagle's Rest, and I had a lot of fun competing, riding, and fellowshipping with my friends and family.  They had a variety of events, such as the "boot race" and barrel racing.  An amazing part of that day is that I had never galloped before (not on Onyx) and the last day was the first time I galloped...I am grateful for the opportunities I had and for the valuable time spent with friends. My faith was strengthened.

Secondly, I am part of a band, Settings of Silver.  We started out early this summer, and are continuing to practice and learn how to play together.  I am currently lead singer and play piano or keyboard, as well as guitar.  It is a blessing to be able to be with each other each week and praise God through music.

Thirdly, some of our family is attending a youth meeting at our church that meets on Wednesday nights for Bible study and games throughout the summer.  It is a great encouragement to be around other believers, and to be able to share with them.
I have also been training for a 5K as well as Civil Air Patrol Summer Encampment. Attending encampment is required to promote to the officer ranks. It will be in late July through early August. However, I missed a week of running due to back injuries, and will miss at least four weeks of running due to a broken toe (which means that I may not run at Encampment).  Through this, I am grateful for the opportunity to share God’s word more, and to continue to learn and live by it.

I am currently studying Latin online with Florida Virtual School (FLVS). Latin will (Lord willing) help me recognize medical terms more effectively. I am also taking Driver’s Education with FLVS, which has been very interesting.

"From the rising of the sun to its going down The LORD’s name is to be praised." -Psalm 113:3

Picture courtesy of Mrs. Stanley.  Thank you!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Horse" and Haybales

My horse club just participated in an actvity that they hadn't ever done before: a haybale decorating competition.
In order to decorate the haybale, we had to (1) make a plan, (2) approve the plan as a club, (3) submit the plan to the fair, who then (4) approves the plan; then we (5) follow the plan and decorate the bale.
This was a lot of fun, as Ms. Cindy, my horseback riding instructor, and Mr. Jeremy Zackowski, a horse trainer, as well as a lot of other helpful people (my family and friends!) helped me to finish the blueprint and submit it.  The blueprint was approved, along with six other entries. 
Once we knew it was approved, we went to the fairgrounds during two consecutive days and decorated the bale with spraypaint, wooden cow heads, rectangular haybales that we split, and a few other items. 
The decorating was a lot of fun, and after a few days, we found that we placed third!
(Thanks to Clay County Fair's Facebook stream for the picture!)